Kyokuzan Maru Shipwreck

30 minutes by banca. Max. depth 42 m. This impressive Japanese freighter measures about 136m long and lies almost upright. The main structures remain intact. It carries in one of its holds a car and truck. This wreck provides shelter to batfishes and substrate for the ubiquitous bivalves. Fusiliers, trevallies, barracudas and rays are occasionally seen.

Kyokuzan Maru Shipwreck

Wreck Details

  • Japanese Cargo Ship, Type: Army Auxiliary Ship
  • Sunk in World War II, 24th September, 1944
  • Total Length: 136m (450 feet)
  • Position: Upright

Wreck Depth:

  • Mast area: 12-14m (40-45 feet)
  • Wheel house: 22-24m (70-80 feet)
  • Deck Level: 26-28m (85-95 feet)
  • First Level Cargo Area: 30-33m (100-110 feet)
  • Maximum Depth: 42m (140 feet)